Who We Are

Who We Are?

 Shuen Chiu - The RAD Team


Shuen graduated from Pre-Med in University of Sydney, and subsequently got her masters in international Business from Monash University, Caulfield but has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Inspired by the lack of access to good quality dresses that doesn’t break the bank for young professionals, she started Rent A Dress (RAD) in 2014 as a side project before deciding to fully dedicate her time and effort into it in early 2015. “It's a challenging proposition to make rentals cool and there are so many intricate challenges to solve to make it a success. That process of exploring where no (wo)man has ever gone before, and building the puzzle up bit by bit is such a thrill!”, she says. As founder and leader of the RAD pack, she makes sure that everyone on the team is well taken care of, and aims to grow RAD to be an international success.


Sarah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts majoring in Communications and International Studies from Monash University and joined Rent A Dress in April 2017 for selfish reasons – the RAD marketplace! As a person of petite proportions, it was the access to closets of other similar sized women that lured her on board (and she wants this for every woman out there). Clearly getting more than she bargained for, her job entails getting things in (merchandising) and getting things done concerning all aspects of the RAD PAC and marketplace, she does so by keeping “calm as a cucumber but silently freaking out on the inside”. On her days off she enjoys being an incorrigible shopaholic.

Sarah Yong - The RAD Team
Rianne Teo - the RAD team


A graduate of University College London having studied Statistics and Operational Research with Management Studies, Rianne has always enjoyed problem solving. Now as Head of Operations at RAD Malaysia, she makes sure the day-to-day operations of rentals, hiring, down to logistics and everything else runs as smoothly as possible. She also has the very daunting task of leading the team and helping them achieve whatever they need to achieve, and providing guidance wherever needed. “I like to have my finger in everything ‘cause I'm nosy like that, but it also helps me run things better if I know all the moving parts of the company,” she says. When she’s not at work barking orders at everyone (just kidding!) she’s usually at home with her loved ones and binge-watching TV shows.


Chir Wey joined RAD in December 2016, intrigued by the varying skills and steep learning curve needed for the job. As someone who has always been interested in fashion retail, knowing that RAD combines its retail service with a complex logistic system was an added bonus for her. Having studied architecture at the University of Brighton in the U.K., Chir Wey describes her personal style as a mixture of classic sophistication and modern edginess – a never-ending exploration of experiments. On her days off, she loves to be surrounded by friends, family and creativity.

Chir Wey - the RAD team
Ayesha Amer - the RAD team


Before joining as a team member, Ayesha had been a customer of RAD’s and always knew the retail platform was a game changer. The hiring process included 3 interviews, with cake served at each session – she was hooked (to the team, the company and the cake). Upon confirmation, her first day happened to fall on her birthday (4th April) in 2017, so naturally there was (more) cake involved. Since then, she’s come to terms with the challenges of working in a start-up – and the amount of cake-eating required to fully immerse herself in the RAD team. “Working in the start-up scene means you get to try your hand at different positions and learn new skills daily. Everyone is open to help, learn, and guide – it feels a bit like summer camp! With cake. It’s a bonus that we get to wear anything we want to the office and experiment with our own style every day. Also, did I mention cake?”.


Malveen holds a BA Hons in Fashion Design and Marketing from Nottingham Trent University, U.K. As a stylist at RAD, her job requires her to be on the ball when it comes to anticipating every customer’s styling needs for different occasions. Being a part of the retail and operations team, she makes sure all of the dresses are well maintained and that the showroom stays immaculate and well prepared for customers to browse, try and walk out happy. When she’s not working, she enjoys dancing to her favourite tunes or glued to the TV screen (she recently watched Five Foot Two: Gaga, and highly recommends it). 

 Malveen Kaur - the RAD team
zuraini kamsah - the RAD team


Zuraini graduated from University of Utah in the States and received her masters from University Teknologi MARA. When she first heard of RAD, Zuraini’s first thought was, “what a brilliant idea and smart concept – I should have thought of it myself!”. As head of Accounts, HR and Admin, she is the go-to person for the numbers and when they’re out of toilet rolls. Only a couple years older than the others, she tries to live up to the expectations to be the most level-headed person on the team – but describes herself as pretty crazy. On her off days, Zuraini loves to travel, read and bake (she may be the one to blame for the obscene amount of cake the team consumes).

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