The RAD Platform

Want to make some extra pocket money?

Have your designer clothes from yesteryear been sitting in your closet unworn?

Want to de-clutter but never got around to it?

Send it over!

Place your items on rent with us and earn some extra pocket money!

All you have to do is:

1. Email Us Your Details

Send your name, contact number, item brand and photos of your item(s) to for approval

2. We'll set up your account!

Once approved, we will create your own account on the RAD Platform

3. We'll upload your dresses!

Get your dresses to RAD! We will organise for the photoshoot and upload them onto your account

4. Sit back and watch money roll in!


Pssst... TIPS on items that rent WELL!

Items with beautiful design, quality fabric and lining, good stitching, according to standard sizing typically get chosen to rent out more.
2. Embellishments! Sequins! Lace!
The more glamourous the better!
3. Items YOU would want to rent yourself!

Interested? Email us now at!



1. Is this open for everyone?

Absolutely! You may even collect items from your mum, sister(s) or friend(s) which you think may work, and organise their items for them!


2. How do I let you know what's working and what's not?

We will be in close contact with you throughout the few months that your items are listed with us. During that time, we are open to any feedback to improving our service, including any queries you may have regarding this.


1. How do I sign up?

We will assist with this by signing up an account for you which you will have total access to.

2. Will you be keeping the dresses?

Yes, we do this to ensure that we help you make the most money out of it with lesser hassle on your side. We also pride ourselves in maintaining a strict quality control on our packing and dress condition to ensure the best service for our customers.

3. How do I drop it off?

You will need to send us a list of items you wish to drop off first. Kindly ensure that the items you wish to send in have been laundered and are in the best possible condition.

You may then drop it off at our showroom at Phileo Damansara 1.

If you prefer we can organise for a pickup from you, depending on your load, for a small fee of RM25.

4. What if I want the dress back?

Simple! You may block the dresses off on the date on your account at least a week before. Alternatively, you may let us know in advance and we will organise for it to be blocked off.

5. What if it’s not designer?

We typically look at the quality of the fabric, stitching, design and standard fit of the item. If they are of good quality, we are more than willing to take them in!

6. What are the list of some of the designers?

You may take the listing here as a guide for local designers, as well as on international websites such as Net-a-Porter, Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Barney, Nordstrom, Selfridges, Harrods, etc.

7. What is the rental price of the item?

We typically set the rental price at 5-20% of the retail price e.g. if retail price of the dress is RM500, it may be priced between RM25-100. The rental price will be determined ultimately by Rent A Dress, but don't worry, we are in it more than you! We usually play around with the range of pricing to ensure optimal earnings for you!

8. What if my items get damaged?

We typically take a picture immediately of any ill condition of the items upon return and will upload it on the drive. For minor repairs, we will organise for the the items to be repaired. However, if the item is damaged beyond repair, the renter will compensate 1.5 times the retail cost to you. In case that does not happen, RAD will have a guarantee of 0.5 times the retail price of the item.

9. How long will I have to keep my items with you?

We would suggest for it to be kept with us for 6 months to fully gauge the interest of customers on our platform.

10. What about logistics & laundry?

We will be organising for delivery, pickups, laundry and maintenance as we believe in ensuring the best quality care for quality items. 


1. How much do I earn for each rental?

Depending of the category of the item, we have different commission rates for different types of merchandise. Contact us at to enquire!

2. Why do I not get a profit share from Try Ons?

We provide an overnight try on delivery service for the convenience of our customers. It increases the likelihood of them renting. Therefore, the charge of the service is minimal just to cover the delivery and pickup cost.

3. How will I be paid?

We will transfer it to your bank account. Payment will be made 30 days after the monthly cycle.

However, if you wish to leave an accumulated amount in your account, you may also convert them into credits to be used for rentals!

4. What if customers cancel?

If customers cancel their orders, the payment will be voided as we will refund the customers fully.


READY? Email your items NOW to