Try On

 1.What is the Try On option?

Can’t seem to find time to drop by our showroom? Not living in Kuala Lumpur but would love to try on our dresses? Want to try on our dresses in the comfort of your own home? 


We will send the dress directly to you so that you can try them on at your own convenience in your very own home!

2. How much is it to place a Try On?

We charge RM25 per dress, and you can choose to rent as many dresses as you’d like! 

3. How do I place a Try On?

  • Browse through our selection of dresses and click on the dress of your choice.
  • In the Duration section, click on “Try On”
  • In the date section, click on the date you need the dress.

  • Click “Add to Cart”

  • If you want to try on more dresses, just repeat the steps.

  • Once you’re done,  proceed to check out!

4. How long do I get to keep the “Try On” dress for?

Our Try Ons are for a duration of 1 day. This means that we will deliver the dress to you on your chosen date and we will pick it up from you the day after.


5. There’s a tag on the dress, what should I do with it? 

The tag acts as a security measure to ensure that the dress is only for Try On and not for rental. This also means that the dress is clean and ready for you to try! Do note that if the tag is found removed, we will take it as the dress has been worn out, and we will proceed to charge you the full rental price. To avoid that, kindly do not remove the tag.


6. I am done with the Try On, what happens next?

If you live in Klang Valley, we will send our dispatch team to collect the dress from you the day after you have received your dress.

If you live beyond  Klang Valley or KL, kindly send the dress back on the very next day via your choice of courier. It may take a few days before your package reaches us but that’s alright - as long as the package is postmarked as the return date!

Kindly note that we charge RM50 per day for any late returns.

7. I love the dress, what do I do now?

We are glad that you do! All you need to do now is just go to our website and place a normal rental order like how you placed for the “Try On”. You can proceed to choose either a 4-day or 8-day rental, and we will get the dress to you on your chosen date.

In the event that you would like the dress immediately, do place an order like normal and if the dress is available, you are more than welcome to keep the dress and use it immediately.

    8. I’ve placed a Try On order, but I would like to cancel it. How do I go about with it?

    If cancellation is made more than 24 hours prior to delivery date, full credit refund will be given.

    If cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to delivery date, RM50 cancellation fee will be imposed, and the remaining balance will be refunded via credit.

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