About Us

When Shuen, the founder of Rent A Dress, found herself frustrated with nothing to wear amidst a closet full of dresses and loathed the idea of having to head out just to buy a new dress for an upcoming dinner, she knew there was something seriously wrong.

Who would've thought shopping would be such a hassle? 
Hands up if you’ve been in this situation before!

Let’s face it, these fancy occasions always call for your excitement but it gets stressful when you have to start planning what to wear. You can’t exactly wear something old nor you want to spend money on buying a new fancy dress which, for sure, as you’ll only be flaunting in it once (in a donkey years).

That’s when Shuen decided she needed to bring Rent a Dress to light (and save mankind).

Rent a Dress was founded with a rebellious spirit in challenging the status quo of fashion; to give everyone access to designer dresses without the designer price tag.

Call it the democratisation of fashion, or call it a sustainable and economical route, we at Rent a Dress, simply want to share the love of feeling like a million bucks.

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