Yoke & Theam


Yoke & Theam is a Malaysian-born footwear label conceived by two sisters, Yokie and Yoke Sin; whose passion for art & design intertwined with a family legacy in shoemaking business for over thirty years. Both sisters combined have an impressive background in graphic design, fashion and business. The first of four sisters, Yoke Sin is a graphic designer graduated from Middlesex University London and has worked in the design industry for more than ten years. The forth, Yokie on the other hand has a Business and Commerce Degree from Monash University Australia and a Master Degree from RMIT University Australia majoring in Fashion & Textiles. In 2015, backed with skills and experience, the founding sisters started Yoke & Theam which to date has boasted several crowd-pleasing footwear designs namely Zeus, Picabo, Serena and Ivy.