The Straits Finery


The Straits Finery was born out of the desire for delicate fine jewellery that not only looks great; but also just as comfortable to wear - like second skin.  Jewellery that makes you feel great in the day and stunning at night. Pieces that become a part of you. Pieces that you could dress up, or down. Pieces that make you, well... you! 

Whilst the designs are minimalist, deceptively simple and easy to wear; they also pop. We believe that every woman should have jewellery that becomes part of the wearer's style no matter where, or what they are doing. And so, the freedom to style jewellery to one's own taste and aesthetic became central to The Straits Finery's design principle: we pare it down so you can build it up.


We believe in creating high quality jewellery that can be passed down from mother to daughter so we set our sights in creating pieces that are personal, sentimental and forever. And it is for this reason, that all our pieces are handmade in small quantities by skilled artisans in our precious metals of choice.

14-karat gold is used as our central metal as it is extremely hardy and does not tarnish. Back in the day, 14k gold was a favourite of our grandmothers and of that generation as it was tough enough to be worn all day every day without the risk of it scratching and bending out of shape. It was practical and we liked that. Not to mention its tone and lustre matches perfectly with all skin tones.


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