SANCTUARY by Jasmine Gan



SANCTUARY is a premium small batch candle company based in Kuala Lumpur, run by founder Jasmine Gan. Each candle is hand poured and packaged using 100% soy wax, lead free cotton-core wicks and premium fragrance oils and extracts.
Our brand represents simplicity, elegance and quality scents. As the name conveys, SANCTUARY seeks to create a scent haven for homes and spaces.

What started out as a keen sensitivity and appreciation for scents has now become a passion and commitment to create functional and beautiful fragrances for the home. Each scent is created through our unique blend of premium quality fragrance oils, and have undergone arduous testing to ensure we achieve the optimum scent performance in each fragrance. Our products are made from the best quality materials; from 100% natural soy wax, eco-friendly wicks, premium fragrance oils and carrier oils.

We believe that fragrances and scents evoke subconscious feelings within when we enter a space or home. Our fragrances aim to induce a feeling of warmth, familiarity and serenity within a space. Choose from a range of 6 everyday scents from our Classic range or more complex destination inspired scents from our Voyage range. You are sure to find one that meets your mood and attitude.

While we do source for materials from overseas (to ensure the best quality), all our products are proudly poured and packaged in Malaysia.